Team To Introduce

Chengdu Cast Acrylic Panel Industry Co., Ltd.

Thanks to company’s human-oriented principle, we have a very stable team, most of staff have worked in Duke Acrylic Sheet over a decade since factory establish in 2007.
It’s a common sense that raw materials are the products with serious homogenization, and acrylic sheets are no exception. What make us outstanding from our peers and being the famous brand at local. We think the most important is the people, each of employee made it. We are a company full of experienced staff, the team is your personal guide to acrylic sheets and fabrication. Each member of the team brings something new to the table with their own unique personal experiences and personalities. Not only provide you with the product, but also with solutions and individual service.


Our structure mainly divides into four parts, administration team, production team, marketing team, and technology R & D team.
The administration team handle all the administration work to make sure well company operation, including safety training and environmental impact assessment, which is the basic and important work for a manufacturer. As a subsidiary company of the Monarch group, we always take the social responsibility and seek the sustainable development.
The production team take charge all manufacturing and fabricating work. The team rule is that quality is by produced, not by inspection, and lowering the standard is to narrow down ourselves development space. They keep working on the qualification rate and cost saving, with the Duke standards.
The marketing team has three branches, overseas marketing team, domestic marketing team and project marketing team. What they do are to introduce our product and service to the right customer, to expand the Duke Acrylic Sheet market share all over the world. Principle is being professional and sincere, the success of our customers is the embodiment of our value.
The technology R & D team is our core team, helps marketing team to deliver better product solution to our customer, coordinates with production team to solve manufacturing technology problems and improve production processes.

As our company’s spirit said be united, tough and positive. With our well-functional teams, we believe we will not only be bigger and stronger, but develop and grow continuously for a long time.