Company Introduction

Chengdu Cast Acrylic Panel Industry Co., Ltd.

In 1994
our parent company Monarch Sanitary Ware was established, who consistently focuses on innovations and introduces new models to market. But the fundamental policy and discipline is only manufacturing eco-friendly and safe products, that’s also why Monarch brand logo has a baby there.

With the expansion of Monarch, the needs of sanitary ware acrylic sheets were increasing rapidly, but the qualified suppliers were harder to find. Considering the importance of acrylic sheets to acrylic sanitary ware, need the suppliers providing high and stable quality acrylic sheets, providing fully supports and highly cooperated service, and meeting our eco-friendly and safe value. However, that kind of suppliers were really hard to find in those years in China. Under this background, our group company decided to establish own acrylic sheets factory.

In 2007

Chengdu Cast Acrylic Panel Industry Co., Ltd. was founded, with brand “Duke”.

At the preliminary stage, Duke Acrylic Sheets mainly supplied the sanitary ware materials to the group. Thanks to the high level of standards set up initiatively, our acrylic sheets got market highly recognition. The brand “Duke” became famous in China. To expand company’s turnover and reduce reliability on group, we increased the investments in signage sheets and sound barrier sheets, and had paid attention on R & D ability to serve more customers.
Till now, we are totally a dependent company with our own customer to survive in this competitive market. Sound barrier acrylic sheets, color acrylic sheets, clear sheets and sanitary sheets are the four general types we provide, LGP sheets, diffusion sheets, fluorescent sheets, etc. we also provide. We’d like to contribute this successfully transformation into our teams, especially the R & D team, consistently supports company’s developing policy, allows us providing our customers with high quality solutions.

In the following development, we won’t forget our original aim, to provide our customers with eco-friendly and safe product, to take our social responsibilities, and seek continuous success and development for a long time.