Duke Clear Acrylic 6mm Light Guide Plate

Short Description:

Except the same features of clear acrylic sheets, Duke® LGP sheets have special light-diffusing particles inside the material which extract the light uniformly through the sheet and direct it toward the viewer.

Surface scratches can be removed and lighting properties restored with polishing

Surface structuring, etching, or printing not needed

Custom light degrees are available

Product Detail

Product Tags

Thickness: 2 ~ 40 mm

Width: 1230 ~ 2120 mm

Length: 2160 ~ 3120 mm

The effective distance that light travels(effective brightness>500lux):
Type A:0~300MM(Bright), light guide plate effective distance of 300 is brighter
Type B:0~500MM(Uniform)

DUKE Clear Acrylic 8mm Light Guide Plate DUKE Clear Acrylic 8mm Light Guide Plate


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