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Chengdu Cast Acrylic Panel Industry Co., Ltd.

The technology R & D center is the department that our company invests the most and receives the most attention as always, and focuses on building it into a high-level and high-tech R & D organization, participates in the company's development strategy, major new products and new technology decisions.

Under the authorization of the chief executive officer of our company, the center is mainly responsible for formulating and implementing the company's overall R & D strategy and annual R & D plan, laying a good foundation for the future larger-scale production; at the same time, it also undertakes the technical support and consulting work of the company's technology development strategy, new product development, old product transformation, technology management, etc., so as to meet the company's development needs.

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The director of the R & D center laboratory is Deng Pan, with the master degree of chemistry from a famous university in China. Since joining the company in 2010, according to the development needs of the company, researching the potential requirements of the market and clients, He has led the R & D center team to successfully develop more than ten kinds of functional acrylic sheets, has solved the production technical problems, and cooperated with the production department to significantly improve the production qualification rate and greatly reduce the production cost. Under his leadership, the R & D center can quickly make the feasibility report and quickly deliver solutions to customers with special requirements, greatly improving our ability to undertake special customized orders.

The usages of acrylic sheets in the market are changeable rapidly, some applications are disappearing, and some new applications are developing. The innovative ability and R & D team is essential to a company’s sustainable development. To keep the keen smell and step closely to market needs, our technology R & D team is growing steadily and continuously, and more intelligent staff will be introduced into the team in future. The next main aim for our R & D center still is functional acrylic sheets, which helps to explore more applications in more fields, like no glare acrylic sheets, anti-flame acrylic sheets, new type strings acrylic sheets, etc.

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