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DUKE Bathtub Acrylic Sheet

February 23, 2023

Feature Of DUKE Bathtub Acrylic Sheet


 Thermostability:Molding temperature up to 200℃.
 Eco-Friendly:No radiation,non-toxic products,can ensure human safety and healthy.
 Plasticity:Easy molding,the max tensile depth can reach to 70cm,can second time forming.
 Recoverability:Easy maintenance,when scratches and other apparent problems happened after polishing can be new.
 Corrodibility:Acid and alkali tesistant,can resit corrosion of chemical products.
 Durability:With aviation grade aluminum alloy hardness,aging-resistant,anti-yellowing.
 Colorful:Rich colors,can meet a variety of style of decoration design requirements.
 Permeability:Water absorption rate less than 0.2%,almost no penetration.