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Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade

Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade

Sanitary White Perspex Sheet

Thermoforming White Perspex Sheet

Glossy Milky Sanitary Acrylic Sheets

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ISO 9001:2008/SGS/CE

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Sanitary acrylic

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Product Details
100% Virgin Mitsubihsi Material
Imported Glass Models (from Pilkington Glass In U. K. )
Advertising, Sign, Furniture, Crafts, Bathtub, Windows, Door
2.8mm, 3mm, 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,etc
1230*2450, Customized
1.2 Kg/cm3
PE Filmed Or Kraft Filmed
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 Kilograms
$2.50~$2.8 Kilograms
Packaging Details
Sheets corner protected with paper corner protection,covered with plastic protection film
Delivery Time
7-15 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
100000 Ton/Tons per Month
Product Description


New Thermoforming Sanitary Grade Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet For Making Bathtubs Spa And Shower Trays


Acrylic bathtub is made of a kind of PMMA plastic material made of the bathtub, acrylic bathtub cylinder by the surface layer (acrylic layer) and the inner layer (glass fiber resin reinforcement layer) composite. It is characterized by rich shape, light weight, good surface finish and low price. 



1. Thermostability Molding temperature up to 200 C
2. Permeability Water absorption rate less than 0.2%, almost no penetration
3. Environmental protection No radiation, non-toxic products,can ensure human safety and health.
4. Recoverability Easy maintenance , when scratches and other apparent problems happened after polishing can be new.

5. Corrodibilitv Acid and alkali resistant, can resist corrosion of chemical products
6. Colorful Rich colors,can meet a variety of style of decoration design requirements.
7. Plasticity Easy molding,the maximum tensile depth can reach to 70cm, can second time forming


Is Acrylic Sanitary Ware Toxic?


Acrylic bathtubs are not toxic. Although it is made of a plastic material called PMMA, the plastic itself is non-toxic and harmless. Some people say that acrylic bathtub just bought home, smell a pungent taste, the taste is not toxic, because acrylic bathtub also contains resin and glass fiber, pungent smell may be emanated by resin.


Pros And Con Betweeen Acrylic and Ceramic Sanitary Bathtub?


1) Acrylic Bathtub



1.Comfortable:The heat transfer of the acrylic bathtub is very slow, so the insulation effect is good, even in the cold winter, the skin contact with the acrylic bathtub body surface will not feel the feeling of "cold".
2.Competitive price: Acrylic is a by-product of deep-sea oil extraction, and the raw material cost of making a bathtub will be much lower than that of cast iron and steel bathtubs, and the performance is very good, so it has a price advantage and stronger market competitiveness.
3.Recoverability: Acrylic bathtub has a certain degree of self-recovery characteristics, if the surface of the acrylic bathtub is scratched, the bathtub itself will have a certain degree of self-repair function.
4.Easy to clean: Good surface finish surface of the acrylic bathtub is smooth and white, easy to clean.
5.Rich shapes:Easy molding



1.Heat resistance: The heat resistance is not so good, it cannot contact superheated objects for a long time
2.Extensibility: Extensibility is also relatively low
3.Oxidation yellowing: Plastic products will turn yellow after a long time of oxidation. Acrylic bathtub as a plastic product, it is prone to oxidation yellow, especially the poor quality products. span:Light weight, small pressure resistance, easy to break. The use time is not too long, and it should be cleaned or replaced regularly. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the acrylic bathtub reaches about 10 years

2) Ceramic Sanitary Bathtub


1.Easy to clean:Ceramic bathtub appearance is good, when there is dust or dirt on the surface, only need to use a wet cloth and detergent combined, gently wipe back and forth can restore the bright.
2.Good appearance:The ceramic itself also belongs to the category of ornamental goods, and the ceramic bathtub installed at home has a strong ornamental performance and achieves a pleasing sense of comfort.
3.Durable:Because the ceramic bathtub is made of ceramic clay, the material of the bathtub is thicker and more durable than the ordinary bathtub.


1.Transport:Ceramic bathtub is made of porcelain clay, so it has a certain weight in itself. Compared with other bathtub types, it is relatively bulky, and the vehicle transportation is extremely inconvenient during renovation.
2.Risk of falling:Ceramic bathtub surface is very smooth, when the water into the bathtub, it will increase the slip, so in use should pay attention to anti-slip, so as to avoid falling accidents.
3.Sctraching:It cannot be repaired after cracking and scratching

In general, these two materials both have advantages and disadvantages, acrylic bathtub heat transfer is slow, so the insulation is good, contact the body surface without "cold" feeling. Compared with the ceramic bathtub, the ceramic is relatively cold. Acrylic is cost-effective, and the proportion of acrylic bathroom on the market is high.


Product Information


Item New Thermoforming Sanitary Grade Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet
Size 1250*1850mm, 1220*2440mm, 1250*2450mm or customized
Thickness 2.8mm, 3mm, 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,etc
Density 1.2g/cm3
Surface Glossy and smooth
Color Clear, white, red, black, yellow, blue, green, brown, etc.
Characteristics 1) 92.7% optical transparency 2) Low water absorption
3) High impact resistance 4) Easy to handle
5) Lighter weight than glass 6) Perfect transparency for display
7) UV-resistant 8) Wide thickness range(2mm-50mm)
9) Good thermal stability 10) Wide range of colors
Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 0Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 1Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 2Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 3Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 4Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 5
Details Images:
Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 6




Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 7 
Chengdu Cast Acrylic Panel Co.,Ltd(CDA) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Monarch Group relies on the industry-leading technical support of Mitsubishi Rayon Co.,Ltd,CDA produced acrylic sheet named Brand DUKE.CDA is a company intergrating R&D,productio,manufacturing and sales and it is in absolute leading position of the domestic PMMA industry.Product wild used in sanitary,AD sign,aquarium board,noise barrier board,etc. Founded in 2007,covers an area of 52000 square meters,total investment of 120 million.Factory layout and facilities are all in accordance with the world's leading standard,with two of the world advanced level cast production lines,Annual capacity can reach to 10000 tons per year.Using 100% pure new Mitsubishi MMA material ,English Pilkington Mould and imported color paste to insure manufacture the high qualitu carylic sheets.

Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 8

Glossy Milky White Perspex Sheet Thermoforming Sanitary Grade 9



Q1: Whether the raw material is brand new
A1: Because we have been a partner of Mitsubishi Rayon for many years, we have promised to use only 100% pure new Mitsubishi MMA
Q2: Product tolerance
A2: The product adopts the world-class casting process, and we control the tolerance within 0.2mm
Q3: Product impurities
A3: The whole workshop of the company has strict environmental hygiene standards, multilayer special filter to eliminate the possible incorporation of impurities . we will carry out strict inspection for each batch of products, to ensure that the quality of each batch is the same
Q4: Product color
A4: We have 60 colors to choose from. If you need to customize, please specify in advance
A5: MOQ: 2000 kg

A5:We can provide samples.



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